Meek recently spent about five months in prison for parole violation but now took to social media to share his own experiences about uncomfortable living conditions while being incarcerated.

“I been thru this sleeping with 2 thermal sets on.. county clothes ….skully..county coat 4 blankets and 4 sheets because half of our window was broken out in the middle or January .. the funny part is I used to get on the phone and not even speak on it,” Meek tweeted.

“That was just normal,” he continued. “Anybody who was ever locked at ‘house of corrections’ know about being locked a cell on a 100 degree night with no air conditioning! Real slavery type stuff… I was there I know they don’t care!”

Inmates at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn have spent days in the cold limited electricity, heat and hot water after a fire at the facility on Sunday, the Associated Press reports.

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